FIFH Malmö together with the city of Malmö are the organizers of The International Sports Conference 2017. The choice to pick Malmö for a conference is easy. With unrivaled access to two international airports within half an hour from the city, state of the art meeting and hotel facilities with capacity for all needs and its strategic positioning in the middle of an expansive knowledge region.

Even your heart connects easily to the city. Malmö is the diversity and offer a completely custom experience. Here you will find great city has to offer in a small town within walking distance, providing effective meetings but also the opportunity to experience all the young, multicultural, green and curious city.

FIFH Malmö is the largest parasport club in Europe. With almost 1000 member the club is one of the biggest sport clubs in the city of Malmö as well. FIFH is a well known organizer. The club has organized a lot of different conferences, especially in the field of diversity and accessibility. As a sports organizer the the club i well known all over the world for the Malmö Open games. This Parasport event is held every year since 1977, the games gathers every year about 2500 athletes from more than 20 nations. This giant also delivers top athletes to the Paralympic Games. In London, Beijing and Sochi there was 10-12 athletes and a couple of coaches from this unique club.



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